Thursday 29 March 2018

Chapter 27
The grass waved slowly in the soft breeze. The air was cool and fresh. The squeaking wheels of the wagon seemed to have a healing rhythm. It was like a dream. A dream where it would end with Bear, and then you would wake up and feel so good and happy. Though with this, you didn’t have to wake up, you could stay forever.
Elmi felt a slight tingling in her fingers. A deep breath half-brought her back to reality. She noticed that she’d been dragging her fingers in the tall, soft grass. A dreamy smile drifted across her face. Soon, the rocking of the cart and the slow blowing air of the dark blue sky hypnotized her back into daydream-like bliss.
Annabel tried to think. About bear, about what she could say, about Grey. Her explanation to Mr.Corade was long with many interruptions. They stopped when Mr.Corade said he ‘got the idea,’ but all four girls were sure he had no clue what they just said. Suddenly, Annabel noticed she was bobbing her head along with the bumps on the road. This just made her try to be even more aware of herself. But, it was just impossible to do anything while rolling along the perfect fields of grass, and staring at the beautiful stars.

Della was drifting in and out of a heavy sleep. Kaylin was also exhausted, but was charmed out of rest by the tempo of Mr.Corade’s steps and the squeak, squeak, squeak of the wagon wheels. It wasn’t like she was awake, she was more in a peaceful trance. The squeaking stopped. The footsteps stopped. Or did they? The four girls melted into a pile of snores in the bottom of the wagon. Mr.Corade smiled, though he probably didn’t know why he was smiling.

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