Thursday 25 February 2016

Magi land

Where life is magi-c

Author: Amelia

Into the portal…
“Uh, I'm so tired,” moaned Brandon as he shuffled through the mud in his wet soccer clothes.
“You couldn't be too tired but really! Why would the first day of a 10 year old soccer tournament be a severe rain storm… and, those coaches weren't taking the poor children off the field when we saw lightning!” Raged Brandon's mother. Brandon’s mom was just making it worse for him. He suddenly felt an urge to run away. Just around the bend and then he would come back. So he did.

“Something bad is happening to our land,”  said Hal the creature. “Hal, it's horrible!” Cried a female voice from the crowd. “Stay strong, friends. We are are the creatures and the creatures we stay,” said Hal proudly on the stage.
“We are the creatures and the creatures we stay,” repeated the crowd. “We will save our land and I guarantee, we will not fail,”said Hal quietly.

“Can you tell me where I am?” Brandon asked staring into the greenish sky. Brandon had seen something caught in a tree. It was a blanket with a coin in it. He took the coin and it brought  him to this odd place with a green sky and a blue land that wasn't water. The Empire State Building was right beside the leaning tower of Pisa. Was it a parallel universe? No, it couldn’t be, those aren’t real. His mind was spinning. “Really, where am I?” wondered Brandon out loud. “You’re in magi-land, the mythical place where many of the magical community are together in harmony... or are supposed to be,” Said a voice from behind him. Brandon turned around to see a gigantic monster with navy skin and ripped leather clothing. “Who are you?”asked Brandon. “My name’s Jan. I'm the owner of the most famous shop in all of magi-land, but hurry up. I don't have all day. I have customers to tend to!” Roared Jan. “Do you know how I could get back to earth?”Brandon asked. “Earth? I... go to the wizard. He lives in a big castle. He can help you.” Answered Jan softly. “Thanks…I guess.” Said Brandon.

  This is my first post 

Yes I started blogging 2/25/2016 I have been wanting to do that for a 
while though.

The reason that I am blogging now, is because I usually get lots of story ideas
and cool pictures and I don't know where to
put them. But this blogging idea sounds good. I bet a lot of people blog and label and stuff.
Wow, there is different fonts too. I wonder if you can get crazy ones.
No, you can't ok...ok. I think this is good for a first um... Page, don't you think. Well I do so, ya.