Thursday 25 January 2018

Chapter 22
Finally, the four could lay down. They had bought a night’s stay in a hotel on Fuzz. One more boat ride to bring them to Kenol. Then, they could see Bear again, they could sleep in their own beds. The thought seemed far away. It was just out of reach with the children being so prone to disaster.
They tried to push bad thoughts out of their heads as they squished into the queen-sized bed. “I’m so glad,” Kaylin whispered before they drifted into an unsteady sleep.
Della woke up with a shudder. “Guys? Guys?” Della whispered. They were nowhere to be seen. She worriedly searched high and low for them. “This is not funny guys.”
A shuffle came from the door. “Are they talking behind my back?” Della wondered as she pressed her ear to the door. There were no voices, just an awkward shuffling. A horrible thought came to her head and she swung open the door.
“Bear?” It was him, standing there. His feet shifting around the ground slowly. His expression was blank. Della came in to hug him, but halted. It wasn’t the same Bear. He said nothing with his mouth open just ajar. “Guys…” Della started.
Bear’s head cocked farther than it should’ve. Della’s mouth hung open, and then she screamed out. “GUYS!” Their voices came from the dark room. She moved toward them, Bear following creepily. Hard skin brushed her hand and she looked down to see Elmi, who was an orange. Her sisters sat in a row, Annabel a banana and Kaylin an apple behind Elmi. “This is no joke!” They yelled.
Bears hand gripped Della’s shoulder. She squealed and sprinted out of the room. Her feet slipped on the floor as if it were ice, and she couldn’t gain any traction. The crooked Bear slowly came towards her, but even if she sped up and turned and jumped, he would stay the same distance from her.
She sprinted out of the hotel, and horses blocked her way. She weaved in between them. Bear was slowed and frustrated, so he grabbed them by the ear and flung them at cats. Della looked around her, incredulous at her surroundings. “Seriously? Also, why am I in Central Park?”
Della dove into the pen with the sea lions, and mounted one. It turned into a Unicorn and bucked it’s magnificent head. The smile drained off her face when she saw Bear, opposite from her. He was riding a highlighter dolphin and drinking some sort of… fruit juice?
Della was filled with fury, she directed the unicorn out of the ocean pen and accepted the randomness. She held out her hand in expectancy of a sword to fall into it from the sky. Instead, a thorny vine crawled up from her arm and scratched her until a small dribble of blood trickled from it.
She took a nearby chipmunk and made it knaw the horrible vine off. It did, and then licked the blood from her arm. She held it up to give it a kiss but noticed a tiny, demented Bear riding it. “Augh!” Della screamed and them onto some squashed banana she found on the sidewalk.
The youngest cub slowly rode the unicorn into some brush, and they emerged into a clearing in which cute bear cubs were playing. Silent waving willow trees surrounded Della and the cubs and her beautiful unicorn was nowhere to be seen. She didn’t seem to care. She was more interested in the bear cubs.
“Excuse me?” She asked. She did not know why she thought they would talk back. They stared at her for a moment, then resumed wrestling each other. “Excuse me!” Della insisted.
The two paused and grumbled in a very bear-like way. They stood on their hind legs and came up to her. She was a bit scared but crunched her brow. “Where am I, and how can I get to my- OH!”
The cubs were growing visibly fast. Their bones sprouted like a plant in a time lapse. The two bears were now more grown than any Della had seen before. One grew wings and flew away, but the other towered over her. “So, I see you are an animal-person!” Della observed.
By now she didn’t expect it to talk back. It stared at her with terrifying, shimmering eyes. It’s brown hair blew in the wind and it opened its mouth. “No.”
“I’m sorry?” Della asked.
“I said no,” The bear replied. “I am not an animal person. No, not a person, our level of intellect is far lower than theirs.”
“Theirs?” Della asked.
“Yes. The humans.”
“Won’t you think I am one?”
“No, I wouldn’t. You can’t take me for a fool and I know what one looks like.”
“Of course I am!”
“No you’re….” It’s face went blank. “What were we saying? Who are you?”
“Just a second ago-” Della started, but the bear interrupted her. “Whoever you are, go now! I don’t want to see you in my territory again!”
Della would have reasoned with the bear, but it had raised its arms and came to its full height. It was a terrifying sight to see. She stumbled back but tripped on a root at the edge of the thick treeline. She braced for impact, but never got it. She was floating in space.
Space was brilliant with stars, planets and clusters far away. She couldn’t help staring at the vast sea of stunning sights. She wished she could slowly, very slowly float around forever. Seeing a new attraction every few years would be good enough for her.
A furry figure with a space helmet on was floating beside her. It must be the Bear! She scrambled to wake the creature up, but came to look in the helmet window and screamed. No noise was heard in space, but she could feel her vocal box panicking frantically. It was her adopted father, Bear. He was still misshapen in space and his part floated around freakishly.
She tried another scream but could hear nothing. Bear started clawing at her with his real bear paws. SCREAM!
Wake up.... WaKe Up.... WAKE UP! Her sisters were staring down at her. She breathed a sigh of relief. It was all a dream. “I-I had a bad dream about  Bear… And then there was a real Bear and you guys were fruits and I was in-”

“Woah, woah, woah, slow down!” Kaylin breathed. “I had a dream about the lifecycle of a frog.”

Thursday 18 January 2018

Thursday 11 January 2018

Chapter 21
“Whoo, that was a close one!” Kaylin sighed, as they ducked out of the pile. They were sure he was gone now. Elmi rolled her eyes. “Cha, yeah!”
The four hurried on their way, the water was in clear sight, and there was bound to be a boat rental along the path they were taking. Everyone seemed happy and were talking to each other like they didn’t have a care in the world. Elmi slowed the others down, so they could not only blend in, but relax a bit. Della liked it when her elders walked in confident, casual strides. It scared her when they were running and afraid.
A tall, superior looking lady stopped them. Her slow, flowing accent was noticeable and her words were said with such ease, it made the Cubs nervous to be spoken to. “It is a wonderful day, no?” she asked. They were suspicious.
“Yes, quite.” Kaylin replied with a challenging tone. Elmi tried to push them around her, but she stepped in their way.
“Hmm, enjoying the beautiful shore, is it not?” The lady asked again mysteriously.
“Yes, stunning, but we need to go,” Kaylin said deeply. The lady blinked a long, annoyed blink before responding. “Not lost, I hope.”
“Of course not, why we’re just visiting and-” Kaylin started.
“Wonderful!” The smirk was wiped off her face. Replaced by an expression now happy and convincing. “We’ve got the perfect souvenirs and Arkk merchandise for you! Even get the famous Fishing Islands T-shirt that now comes in mugs and pencil cases! We can help you bring Arkk home, and remind you of what a great experience it was. Let me lead you to the best souvenir shop on Arkk: RemARKKable Keepsakes!”
The girls breathed a sigh of relief. Whew, he’s not a dark magic thingy thing. Kaylin thought. And that was totally scripted.


One shop later, and Della was holding a two dollar,  freaky but cute snow globe showing a picture of Arkk. It’s odd because of all the Fishing Islands, Arkk gets the least snow. Arkk had a creepy smiley face on it, but it was cheap and the girls wanted to laugh at it whenever they walked by it at home.
It was late, but they had finally found a speed boat rental with the other speedboat exchange on Fuzz. Fuzz is the main and middle island in the fishing island. The barrier flows towards it from Arrk and Kenol, and it is the largest and best for tourists.
“Thank you very much sir!” Elmi said, untying the anchor rope. The boat was only a $30 ride to Fuzz, so they still had $58 to find a place to sleep in Fuzz and get one last ride to Kenol.
They all climbed in and were ready to sail. The sea still made them sick feeling, but on a speed boat with the barrier current on their side, the ride would only be about an hour. They were all inside and starting to float from the dock when it struck Kaylin that they’ve never driven a speed boat before. “Hey, Annabel, Elmi?” She asked. They were already floating a fair distance from the docks. “D’you know how to drive this thing?”
“We should,” Elmi said, though unsure herself.

Annabel nodded. “We better hope so.”

Thursday 4 January 2018

Chapter 20
Dear journal,

Today I thought I really had them. They would make amazing trainees. I had them, then I didn’t. I think that I am bad at being intimidating. I give my purpose away when I was trying to create worrying small talk. It was too obvious that I wasn’t er…

The older one was smart, the second shortest was very fast. First, I tried to gather information from them, but I am way too obvious. The second time, I chased them down the streets for a very long time before they turned into an alley. Assuming they hid in the dumpster, I checked and missed them sneak into a pile of tables. Good thing I saw the shoes!

I thought I was sneaky enough to have found them, but there just fat hobo sitting there! They really must have turned at the corner. My master won’t have to hear about this I’ll find them or another kid before this time is over.

Anyway, we’re so close to our goal. I’ll start carving some dinosaurs and then we’ll get the old two first. Only four children and three elderly left. I’m afraid I may be one of the two adults, but after all this work, I will contribute the most.

If I’ not one of them, I’ll have the best magic.