Thursday 4 January 2018

Chapter 20
Dear journal,

Today I thought I really had them. They would make amazing trainees. I had them, then I didn’t. I think that I am bad at being intimidating. I give my purpose away when I was trying to create worrying small talk. It was too obvious that I wasn’t er…

The older one was smart, the second shortest was very fast. First, I tried to gather information from them, but I am way too obvious. The second time, I chased them down the streets for a very long time before they turned into an alley. Assuming they hid in the dumpster, I checked and missed them sneak into a pile of tables. Good thing I saw the shoes!

I thought I was sneaky enough to have found them, but there just fat hobo sitting there! They really must have turned at the corner. My master won’t have to hear about this I’ll find them or another kid before this time is over.

Anyway, we’re so close to our goal. I’ll start carving some dinosaurs and then we’ll get the old two first. Only four children and three elderly left. I’m afraid I may be one of the two adults, but after all this work, I will contribute the most.

If I’ not one of them, I’ll have the best magic.

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