Tuesday 24 May 2016

       Chapter 6

    Brandon was amazed. Gobb was spinning fast down into the ground. When he was half way down, he stopped. “Hop on,” he said eyeing the chair like groove in his back.
    “Well, OK,”Brandon said. He sat down and Gobb started spinning. Dirt and rock flew into the air around them. Gobb was spinning faster and going into the ground while Brandon was getting pulled to the center of Gobb.
    “Wha? Ah! Gobb!”yelled Brandon. Gobb stopped, not fully underground.
    “Oh, thank you!”said Brandon.
    “No, do you hear that?”asked Gobb skimming the area.
    Brandon heard something in the mountains. It sounded like Hunery and Samion, two famous wrestlers, were in a grand fight. Or, Jordan Flink, the bully of the school, when he didn't get his pizza first. (Brandon giggled at that) Brandon was so caught up in his ideas, that he didn't notice that Gobb was starting to turn again. Bracing himself, Brandon held on for dear life as Gobb whizzed around.
    They entered a smooth grey cave with few pebbles at the bottom. Stalactites dripping with green liquid hung on the ceiling. Tunnels went every which way, and little black creatures as big as bats peeped like chicks through their snake like mouths.
    Brandon tucked his legs in as not to get bitten on the toes. A big grey and blue glowing blur zoomed past him. “G-Gobb!” yelled Brandon as another almost knocked him off Gobb’s back. “Wow, you need seatbelts,”murmured Brandon.
    “Ah, home,”breathed Gobb.
    “Gobb, that thing almost killed me!”
    “Oh, that's just the S.O.M.L. team. ‘Stands for Spies Of Magi-Land. You know, they're  the good guys. Every land needs them.”
    That made Brandon think of his land. “Gobb, why am I here?”
    Gobb eyed him suspiciously and said, “You’ve got to know this by now.”
    After Gobb finished explaining Brandon asked, “So basically, we are destroying our earth and sometimes coming to your place when the wizard wants us to and we are cutting down trees. And, wait, you take your energy off poo?”
   “Yeah, and if you don’t wear a mask to block the smell in a power plant, you’ll faint! You guys sure are smelly!” giggled Gobb. Then, Gobb looked at Brandon quickly. “Sorry,” he said, trying to sound honest.
     “So, what are we doing here?” asked Brandon.
    “Yes, that, we will get to that,” said Gobb. “Get off me, my arthritis is already quite bad.”
    So, Brandon climbed off, and Gobb pressed a button beside him. Turns out, he was sitting on a conveyer belt and he started moving towards. Guessing by the way he shouted at workers around the cave, Brandon guessed he was the boss.
     “Frank, great job there!” yelled Gobb, “Oh, Shelly, don't forget the farewell cake for Sam!”
    Many workers and S.O.M.L. members glanced at Brandon, who was walking beside Gobb. When they reached the end of the conveyer belt, it made a loud, rusty sound and almost rolled Gobb over when it stopped. “Ah, here,” said Gobb. He was staring into a giant tablet embedded in stone. He tapped on an icon with a happy face on it, and he started playing this happy face platformer game.
    “Uh, Gobb?” said Brandon.
    “Wait, need to get the daily 5 coins! You get that from getting 120 score in one game.” said Gobb holding up a finger, but then shooting it back onto the tablet.
    “And the adventure waits, yet another long enough time,” moaned Brandon.
    “There!” said Gobb. “I got Lattly Alleyness. He’s the character that I've been saving up for. But, to the point then. So…” Gobb pressed on an icon that had a picture of crumbling grey rock on then, he pressed on a map button that had appeared along with an animal button, a computer button, and a sword button on the screen. Then, he press on a button that had a picture of a tall stone brick castle with skinny turrets and moss growing up the sides.
    One worker hurried over to a black metal square with a small slit near to the top on it. A magenta paper flew out of the slit. Then, it flashed and it turned into a map. Brandon picked it up. Gobb handed him a long piece of grass and Brandon tied up the map like a scroll.