Thursday 17 March 2016

                                                                    Chapter two

Hal walked off the stage for another boring speech about how bad it is and how we can't fix it. Their world was really in danger, but how? Yes, there was stories about a "dragon". But no one saw it so... What could be the matter? He listened to another speech about all the bad things like fiwi or something closing down. 'But why?' He thought. Hal had asked a few people already but they shrieked or told him buzz off.
At the end of the meeting, Hal walked over to the host and asked him,"What is causing this madness?" The host, Brendard (as it said on a small badge on his chest) gave him a look and said,"We're not the only world out there, there's another one. The passage to get here, a small coin, has been thrown back to the other world where the old master used to reign. Now that it is up there, the power source is low. Well, I mean, you know medicine, fiwi or wifi, elecontics or something, in the other world. They are without it and, and, I am not supposed to tell you this but, our power, it feeds on their natural matter...manure. Plus, did you hear about the dragon? Go on, I didn't just talk to you. You're  a grown up." "Sheesh!" murmured Hal returning to his apartment.

     "The wizard tower?" thought Brandon out loud after half an hour of trudging through the roots of purple-blue trees. "The tower, he wants the tower? The wizard tower. Ooo, whee hah." Whispered squeaky voices from behind him."Who's there?" Yelled Brandon looking around him. "We are"said one of the voices."Yes, for sixty three years we have." Croaked a second voice that was mutch lower.
"What the..." Whispered Brandon not having any sign of a small animal or bug. But then, he spotted two yellow and green trees. One with a round nose, and the other with bumpy cheeks. "Is that you?"
asked Brandon. "Oh, ya tots! I'm oaka" squeaked the round nosed tree. "I'm oaky, not OK by the way." Said the bumpy cheeked low voiced tree. "Er, um... Hi" said Brandon shaking.