Thursday, 19 April 2018

ATTENTION!! HELLO!! Okay, just here to say that I can't post because I'm trying to plan out the next story and making no progress. Usually, I just make it up, but this time I want to have a bit of guideline and character information. So, don't expect an amazingly planned out story, but I might need to take some time. Spoiler: I'm making a sequel to one of my other books. Yup.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Chapter 28
Elmi woke up slowly. At first, the soft mattress was just a feeling in her dream. Then, she could feel the smooth sheets. Next, she noticed the ceiling above her, and figured out she was half asleep. She snapped back into the world (In what felt like seconds, but could have easily been ten minutes) and noticed her strangely familiar surroundings.
It was a smooth wooden roof, stained and varnished by hand. She was floating on waves of fresh white sheets and rested on a soft, clean pillow. She heard a rustle beside her, and her curiosity forced her to roll over. It was… Annabel, waking up in the bed beside her. She bolted upright and recognized her room. Elmi stayed there for a moment, unable to move.
“Elmi,” came Annabel. “Could it be? Are we…” Annabel didn’t need to finish. She already heard Della and Kaylin screaming in their room. “We...we… we’re...HOME! WE’RE HOME!”


After the four got up and re-explored their house as they pinched themselves to make sure they were awake, they followed Bear around for an hour. They were warmly welcomed and bursting with happiness, but this all seemed too good to be true. At one point, Della even pinched Bear. (“Hey!”) It just seemed so incredible that they were finally back. So incredibly crazy. So incredibly crazy awesome.
The girls could barely eat lunch when they were already bursting to tell Bear about their journey. Even though it was over and they were all glad of it, the cubs were always outdoor people. Kaylin was intent on climbing a tree she had seen on the way to the house, and Della wanted just to run around and tag Elmi and Annabel as many times as she could.
At first, Bear was hesitant to let his adopted daughters back outside while he had work to do at home. After a lot of begging from Della and Kaylin, he finally agreed. “Okay, don’t go too far away from the house and stay away from strangers,” Bear was hanging out the doorway. Before the girls could run out to the field, he shouted, “And one more thing, be back before supper dangit!”

The End.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Chapter 27
The grass waved slowly in the soft breeze. The air was cool and fresh. The squeaking wheels of the wagon seemed to have a healing rhythm. It was like a dream. A dream where it would end with Bear, and then you would wake up and feel so good and happy. Though with this, you didn’t have to wake up, you could stay forever.
Elmi felt a slight tingling in her fingers. A deep breath half-brought her back to reality. She noticed that she’d been dragging her fingers in the tall, soft grass. A dreamy smile drifted across her face. Soon, the rocking of the cart and the slow blowing air of the dark blue sky hypnotized her back into daydream-like bliss.
Annabel tried to think. About bear, about what she could say, about Grey. Her explanation to Mr.Corade was long with many interruptions. They stopped when Mr.Corade said he ‘got the idea,’ but all four girls were sure he had no clue what they just said. Suddenly, Annabel noticed she was bobbing her head along with the bumps on the road. This just made her try to be even more aware of herself. But, it was just impossible to do anything while rolling along the perfect fields of grass, and staring at the beautiful stars.

Della was drifting in and out of a heavy sleep. Kaylin was also exhausted, but was charmed out of rest by the tempo of Mr.Corade’s steps and the squeak, squeak, squeak of the wagon wheels. It wasn’t like she was awake, she was more in a peaceful trance. The squeaking stopped. The footsteps stopped. Or did they? The four girls melted into a pile of snores in the bottom of the wagon. Mr.Corade smiled, though he probably didn’t know why he was smiling.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Hello! Did you know that Chicken has a human father? Farmer Joe owns the farm that Chicken was born in and Farmer Joe is very nice to all his chickens. Chicken does visit Farmer Joe, but he doesn't live with him. Chicken is kind of a free bird, you know?

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Chapter 26
The four girls all swiveled around at lightning speed, slapping each other with their hair. Except for Kaylin, who’s hair barely brushed her sisters. (Her dirty blond hair is only barely past her shoulders)
It was a young man, a very young man, actually. He probably isn’t a man. Younger than 18 it looked like. He was followed by a company of about a dozen youths. It was a curious thought to wonder how they all fit in that 4-person black motorboat.
The teen had a cool smirk on. “Are you that wannabe from the ice square? Because, tch, I would barely call that a gang.” He pointed at Elmi with a deep chuckle, and looked back at his group for approval. It seemed they all wanted to be as ‘cool’ as him, so they made an uncomfortable chorus of groans and laughs. It was certainly interesting.
“I-I’m not… I d-d-don’t u-um…” Elmi started, her face turning red.
“People like you’ll never join the Fresh Fireflies Group!” The leader announced again with an impressive fake laugh. A loud moan of “Yeah,” and “That’s right,” came from the crowd. They turned and left after their leader and one even kicked rocks at the puzzled girls.
Della was furious after they left. “Ugh, cool kids walking around being rude for no bread smackin’ reasons! Next time I see him, I’ll hit him over the head with a… with… with a boat!”


It was really getting dark now. “Okay guys,” Annabel said. “Let’s…”
“What?” Della asked. “Oh…” They all heard it now. A quiet squeaking. Elmi peered over a bush, eyes wide and gears turning in her head. There was barely a second in between, and she had launched off towards the sound.
The other girls leaned in to investigate, and found themselves following Elmi. They ran up to him and cute little Della even hugged him, the old, bent over man who was pushing a dirty wooden cart across the scraggly grass. “Mr.Corade! It’s such a relief to see you!”
Mr.Corade was old, but very strong. “Hop in the cart girls, I’m sure it’ll be a long story. Considering that to everyone in town, you’re dead.”
“What?” Della questioned, with a very twisted look on her face.
“Yup, floating dead in the ocean, pale and empty. They’re saying yous guys lyin’ there, down with the crabs while the last of de’ bubbles come out of you. The waves carryin’ your lifeless-”
“THAT’S NICE! That’s nice,” Elmi yelled uncomfortably to cut him off. The other three cubs’ faces were blue and shining with a quick surge of sweat.

“Real nice i’n’t it!” Mr.Corade said. (and seemed to mean it) “I aught’o be an author one day!”

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Chapter 25
Elmi slammed her wrist down on the loud motor at the sound of the whistles. The other girls were suddenly slammed against the seat and the spray of salty water hit them painfully fast. As soon as Kaylin got the wind back into her lungs, she yelled, “Slow this bread smackin’ thing down!”
Elmi smirked in an embarrassing way, still balancing her elbow on the motor. “‘Bread smackin?’ Isn’t that what Grey said?” The girls still felt bad for leaving so abruptly. But, they forced themselves to push regrets out of their mind. Bear was just too close now.
Kaylin’s eyes widened as land rushed closer and closer. “ELMI!” she screamed. “I wasn’t joking! Stop!” All Elmi could do was swing around with terror as the rental boat went full speed towards the rocky shore.


After being launched into the sand, Annabel was nearly impaled by a sharp, black rock, and the rest landed beside her in a pile of dry seaweed and itchy, white sand. They sat up in a slow, crooked fashion.
“Thanks, Elmi, for really-” Kaylin couldn’t finish her sarcastic statement before Della muffled her mouth with a small hand. Kaylin spat it off, but stopped herself, this time, because she heard footsteps and knew they could only be from one source; the people in the black boat.

The footsteps were hard to hear in the soft sand, so it was difficult to judge where the people were relative to the Cubs. They were hiding behind a spiny bush. In the day, they would be a plain sight behind the scraggly branches, but with it being so dark, they sunk right into the vegetation. If you were standing to the front of the bush, the girls would be invisible.
Annabel’s face turned to pure concentration for a few seconds, here glasses sunk down her nose. “They sound like they’re right in front of the bush now, or else they’re real near.”

“Sure are,” said the chill voice of a young man.