Thursday, 8 March 2018

Chapter 26
The four girls all swiveled around at lightning speed, slapping each other with their hair. Except for Kaylin, who’s hair barely brushed her sisters. (Her dirty blond hair is only barely past her shoulders)
It was a young man, a very young man, actually. He probably isn’t a man. Younger than 18 it looked like. He was followed by a company of about a dozen youths. It was a curious thought to wonder how they all fit in that 4-person black motorboat.
The teen had a cool smirk on. “Are you that wannabe from the ice square? Because, tch, I would barely call that a gang.” He pointed at Elmi with a deep chuckle, and looked back at his group for approval. It seemed they all wanted to be as ‘cool’ as him, so they made an uncomfortable chorus of groans and laughs. It was certainly interesting.
“I-I’m not… I d-d-don’t u-um…” Elmi started, her face turning red.
“People like you’ll never join the Fresh Fireflies Group!” The leader announced again with an impressive fake laugh. A loud moan of “Yeah,” and “That’s right,” came from the crowd. They turned and left after their leader and one even kicked rocks at the puzzled girls.
Della was furious after they left. “Ugh, cool kids walking around being rude for no bread smackin’ reasons! Next time I see him, I’ll hit him over the head with a… with… with a boat!”


It was really getting dark now. “Okay guys,” Annabel said. “Let’s…”
“What?” Della asked. “Oh…” They all heard it now. A quiet squeaking. Elmi peered over a bush, eyes wide and gears turning in her head. There was barely a second in between, and she had launched off towards the sound.
The other girls leaned in to investigate, and found themselves following Elmi. They ran up to him and cute little Della even hugged him, the old, bent over man who was pushing a dirty wooden cart across the scraggly grass. “Mr.Corade! It’s such a relief to see you!”
Mr.Corade was old, but very strong. “Hop in the cart girls, I’m sure it’ll be a long story. Considering that to everyone in town, you’re dead.”
“What?” Della questioned, with a very twisted look on her face.
“Yup, floating dead in the ocean, pale and empty. They’re saying yous guys lyin’ there, down with the crabs while the last of de’ bubbles come out of you. The waves carryin’ your lifeless-”
“THAT’S NICE! That’s nice,” Elmi yelled uncomfortably to cut him off. The other three cubs’ faces were blue and shining with a quick surge of sweat.

“Real nice i’n’t it!” Mr.Corade said. (and seemed to mean it) “I aught’o be an author one day!”

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