Thursday 22 June 2017

Chapter 14
Tria ran all the way over to the police station. As soon as she got there, she kneeled down to catch her breath. She looked up to see if Chloe was there. Her vision blurred and then focused. Well, of course, Chloe was there!
“Wait, what the…” Tria said slowly. “WHY ARE YOU WEARING A DRESS!? A PINK DRESS!?” Chloe was wearing a large pink bow, shiny pink shoes, and a cute pink dress, with a buckle that had little spikes on it. “But, you never wear dresses…”
“I was going for the look,” Chloe said, feeling very itchy from the inside of the skirt. “And of course I never wear dresses, I hate them!” “THE LOOK? What kind of ‘look’ is that!?” Tria said loudly. “Shush shush! What do you call that?” Chloe said, pointing at Tria’s old blue shirt, and jeans. “I dunno, um, the casual detective?” “Okay, okay, I’m just thinking that with a more, let’s say innocent outfit, the police will more easily let it slide if we don’t nail our prediction.”
Tria winced just at the idea of going to jail. This is so going to turn out bad. Wah. This can’t be a time to think positive can it?
“Let’s go,” Chloe said, tentatively. Then, they stepped into the doorway.
“Goodness Chloe!” Tria breathed. “I think I’m going to die, this place is unbelievable! The outside didn’t look nearly as good as this!” “True!” Chloe agreed as she gazed around her.  “The ceilings go higher than Mount Everest! Oho! This place is better furnished than a Google building!”
No one could ever believe that this was a police station. The walls climb so high up to the roof, you can barely see. The walls. They were beautiful, with long windows, and perfect white shelves on rows. Countless numbers of amazing embroidery hung on the walls. The floor was so shiny, perfectly stained, and shiny. There were a bunch of long antique-looking tables that were painted to match the room exactly. The cushions on the chairs were the same as the pillows children dream in castles. Everything was so perfect, you could bet any criminal here would five-star star restaurant food!
The two walked over to a nice, marble counter, with a lady standing tall behind it. “Need something?” She asked, with a smile that looked like it had been forced for years. “Uh,” said Tria cringing a bit. “We’ve solved a crime…”
“Right this way!” She said, trying and failing to sound enthusiastic. She showed them to a door and pointed. Before Tria or Chloe could say anything, she rushed back to her counter. The door frame was cracked and falling apart. Hanging beside the door was dirty lettering: The Boss. They entered the room.
‘The Boss’ room was crowded with papers and old, used office materials. A half-eaten donut was sitting on his desk. “Yes?” He said slowly and intimidatingly. The room smelled of dust and compost.
“We believe that we have solved a crime Sir,” Chloe said calmly. The Boss chuckled without making a noise. “Don’t tell me it’s about the robber that robbed, and left the hats behind and blah, blah, blah. Some boys came in about an hour and a half about that one.”

Blood rushed up to Chloe’s face. Tria took a sharp breath in and finally said, “Um, it is?”

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