Thursday 1 June 2017

Chapter 11
Days passed, and Tria never went to the All3way again. She had decided to do something fun that spoke to her instead of moping around there about an old friend. She hung out with Chloe a whole lot.
“What are you doing at Chloe’s so much?” Tria’s mother had asked. Tria thought it would be great to say: “A detective mission mwahaha!” But she knew that it could be very dangerous. Instead, she replied hesitantly, “Stuff that could change your life!” Tria’s mom laughed. “Okay then, you can go.”
Tria headed out the door. She was already late by what? 3 minutes?
“Whoo!” Chloe said when she saw Tria burst through the doorway, exhausted from her run there. “I thought you’d never come!”
“You *pant* seem awfully calm to be saying that. *pant*” Tria observed. Chloe worriedly glanced behind her. “My parents are home. You should quickly get off your coat and boots. I don’t know if we’ll be able to sneak past them like last time.” It wasn’t that Tria was not supposed to go to Chloe’s house, but just thinking of her parents made Chloe and Tria recall some very embarrassing memories.
Four days ago, Tria had visited Chloe. Her parents had been there, but Tria nearly got spotted. Chloe's dad was cursing at a newspaper crossword, and her mom was trying to book a hotel over the phone. The person selling her the room must have been half deaf, because she kept having to repeat herself.
“Why don’t we go around the kitchen, so my mom doesn’t see you…” Chloe said quietly, peeking around the corner. They started tip toeing, Chloe in the lead. (Mission Impossible music starts playing) In a flash, Chloe’s dad opened the door and hit Chloe square in the face.
“Ooooooh hoo hoo hoo!” Chloe’s Dad said. “That would make an amazing AFV movie!” “Do you really care that I got hit?” Chloe asked, putting her hand over her face where her nose was bleeding.
Chloe’s father furrowed his brow. “No, I do care, let’s get you to the kitchen.”

Tria almost jumped out of her skin when she saw Chloe’s mother. “Oh no!” Chloe whispered to Tria.

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