Wednesday 9 November 2016

Chapter 8

     After Hal explained to the terrified rock and boy about his journey, the boy, Brandon, explained himself. Hal was quite fascinated by Gobb’s secret hero society, building preparations for invades and creating maps and other magical things for travellers.
It turned out that Hal and Brandon had about the same quest, the same journey, to get to the wizard. Hal’s quest was on purpose but Brandon’s was some accident. It seemed to be a big one.
Hal and Brandon talked for awhile, and Hal enjoyed his story. He had to explain lots of information about Magi-Land to Brandon, trying to not make it sound boring. Gobb was kind of just there, listening. Hal noticed after he finished his conversation.
“Well,”Gobb said, kind of uncomfortably sounding,”Off you go!”
“Wait, what?” Hal asked as Gobb pushed a map, a telescope, and a little metal cube into Brandon’s arms.
“This adventure!” said Gobb,”I’m sending you to fulfill your quest!” Why was Gobb sending Hal and Brandon away?
“W-we just met!” Hal exclaimed with a tint of fear. Brandon didn’t look too prepared either.
Gobb looked irritated,” I’m not a pitstop, now, what are you out here for?” Hal took a moment to think. Well, he set off with all this optimism and now it seemed a bit scarier and harder than he thought. He couldn’t turn back when all these people in town were expecting a noble quest. Whether he died or came back in glory, he couldn’t let all the other creatures down. Confidence swelled up in him. We are the creatures and the creatures we stay! He thought happily.
His thoughts seemed to of taken up a lot of time, but in that time no one had spoken a single word. “I’ll go!” Hal said, louder than he meant to. His voice boomed through the silence.
“Well, if I’m ever thinking of getting out of here, I’ve got to be in to.” Brandon said, the early nervousness vanishing from his voice.
Gobb started spinning down into the base leaving Brandon and Hal alone in a spray of dirt.
“Let’s go,”said Hal pointing to the way the wizard tower was peaking above the treetops.
“Yeah, but… do you suppose you know what this gadget is?” Brandon said, holding up the metal cube to Hal.
Hal took the telescope and map out of Brandon’s arms,”Why don’t you find out?” he said while stuffing the telescope into his backpack. Brandon first threw it up in the air and then caught it. Nothing happened. Brandon threw it hard at the ground but still nothing happened. Brandon furrowed his brow. There was a little tiny button that blended in with the cube.
At first Hal thought it wasn’t a good idea to press a button on a highly advanced metal cube that was given to him by a talking rock. Before Hal could stop him, Brandon pressed the button, probably too curious. An orange laser shot out and cut a purple and blue tree in half, causing it to fall to the ground.
“Don’t play with things like that!” yelled Hal at Brandon who cowered a few steps away,” You’re lucky that wasn’t a gentotree.”
“Sorry, it’s not like you knew what it did! You told me to try it out!” snapped Brandon.
“I did know what it does!” Hal lied angrily.
“You’re lying!” Brandon yelled.
“Fine,” Hal admitted loudly,”But it makes no difference.”
For about half an hour they just walked towards the tower in silence. Both of them sneaking bad looks at each other. Why was Hal so bad at lying?
Hal finally said something,”Could I see the map again?”

“Uh, sure,”Brandon said, handing Hal the map. Hal looked down at it. They would reach the tower soon. But, before Hal could look up, he squished into the tower, and like a rubber band he bounced back from it.

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