Tuesday 27 September 2016

Chapter 7

    “Well then, bring us there!” Gobb yelled. An alarm had gone off that something was on the grounds. Gobb got in an argument with a worker. Brandon wanted to leave. But if he did, his chance of survival would drop to lower than, well, very low. Gobb could help him.
Beep! Gobb was on the conveyor belt again. It was odd that Gobb couldn’t walk. He had rocky arms and a whole carved in face, but he was missing the convenient part, legs.
“Get on now!” bossed Gobb in his usual grouchy way.
“Yeah, yeah I’m coming!” shouted Brandon, shaking a worker off his leg.
Gobb noticed the little creature. “Amanda, you gotta train that son of yours, he’s sucking on people’s feet!”
“Merp blubewew,” a worker said as it took the little creature away.
Brandon hopped onto Gobb at the second he started rising back up to the grassland.
“Watch your feet!” Gobb yelled when he stopped at the land, “You kicked…” Gobb trailed off.
“What?” Brandon asked.
“That,” Gobb whispered, pointing at the bottom of the mountains. There was a creature marching out from between the two mountains. It looked like a living furball, and it was no larger than Brandon. It was black as night and wearing a stuffed full backpack.
“What is it?” asked Brandon, partly afraid. Brandon walked around Gobb and the crouched down so he could see Gobb’s face.
Gobb squinted his eyes and said quietly,”It’s a creature. They belong in the city, lurking around in some random advanced society. They don’t care much ‘bout the environment.” He shrugged,”Probably some tourist.”
Gobb told the workers of S.O.M.L. that it was a false alarm through a radio or something. Gobb was about to twist down again when they both noticed, that the creature noticed they were there.
“He sees us,”Brandon whispered as quiet as a pin drop.
“That’s not bad really,” Gobb whispered back.
“Is that bad?” Brandon asked quietly.
The creature was now running towards them. Brandon was trapped in his sight, his legs shivered but would not agree to lift him up. Basing your thoughts on Gobb’s terror-struck expression, he wouldn’t be doing much either at the moment.
The creature reached them in what felt like an hour. In reality, it took only a few minutes. The thick black hairball had white and black eyes and had an odd stick-man like mouth. It caught its breath, putting a skinny black hand on top of Gobb’s head.

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