Monday 25 April 2016

Chapter 5

    Hal snapped his book closed and put it away. He washed his dishes, he made his bed, he ate his lunch, and he packed a suitcase full of food and some tools like a knife and a saw. Then, he strapped a sword to his belt and set off, locking his door behind him. He walked a meter and then he went back to his house and decided he would go in the morning.
    After eating a large breakfast, Hal set off… again. He told anyone on the street who would listen about his quest. A monster gave him a compass and a map. He met his neighbor creature, Granny Elise and she gave him a backpack and a muffin.
    Just on his way out the city, he met an ogre. “Howdy! Where yah goin’?” He asked.
    “I’m going to the wizard tower,” Hal replied. Then, the ogre hopped out of his monster truck and opened the trunk. He pulled out a wrapped up camping mattress and stuck it into Hal’s backpack.
    “Ya might need this,” he said.
    “Oh, that is so…” Hal started. But, before he could finish his reply, the ogre drove away, leaving Hal in a cloud of dust.
    Hal started walking again, out of the city. The city wasn’t very big, and it did not take long after the ogre left for Hal to set food on soft grass.
    Majestic mountains stood in front of him. Beside, beautiful blue and purple and green and yellow forests. Behind, was green grassland. Animals lurked around and birds chirped on high branches.
   He decided to go in between the mountains. It seemed like a good idea, but once he got half way through, Hal realized it wasn’t the best idea he had ever thought of. It wasn’t worth going all the way back through so he just kept going.
    A few minutes later Hal smacked himself in the face. He was just mad at himself for being so thoughtless of what was coming. A bird dropping fell on his head and thought of two words: hissy fit. That seemed to suit his feelings so he listened to them and carefully dropped his luggage off to the side. Then he moved a few metres away and started to yell and jump and get all his anger away.
    Two minutes later of punching the air Hal finally gathered himself up. He took all his luggage and hauled them over his back then he started to walk again at a quick pace but he was careful not to bump into the chalk like gray mountain sides.
    As he twisted himself through the narrow paths between the mountains he finally spotted light.

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