Saturday 9 April 2016

                                         Chapter 4

     "Is there anything we can do of your service?" asked Oaky.
     "Like that wizard thing," said Oaka sounding like she wanted Brandon to ask for advice.
      Brandon didn't feel like moving. First he ran into a giant ogre thing telling him to get to a wizard tower. How was he supposed to start talking to a pair of trees? Brandon moved his lips but nothing came out.
     "Let me help you," said Oaka tired of waiting for his answer. "The wizard tower is over there, and you will find it passed my friend Gobb. He's a rock and his nose is quite sharp. His face is kind of rough. Find him, the wizard tower is in your hands," She lifted a branch arm up pointing the direction of forest and hills.
     "Th-Thanks," said Brandon shakily.
     After the trees said goodbye, Brandon headed out on his search for the wizard castle. Every few minutes, a green and yellow tree would shout out at him when the blue a purple ones stood still and silent.
      He walked on until he could see a flat, flowery grassland. At the edge, was a large stone that was about the shape of a chair. Brandon sighed with relief as he sat down in the stone. he felt like he hadn't stopped walking in years. But, he also felt like he was being wiggled a jiggled around.
     "Who's there?" Boomed a voice.
     "It's me." Brandon answered.
     "Oh, you wouldn't of heard of me, I'm a human."
     The rock shuddered. "Come around to the front will you?" the voice said.
     Brandon noticed the voice was coming from the rock. So, he slowly walked around the side of the rock and saw a rough carving of a man's face in the rock. He fitted Oaka's description quite well.
    "Gobb?" asked Brandon.
     "It is he," said the rock
     "I was wondering if you could show me to the wizard tower," said Brandon felling silly of talking to trees and now a rock.
     "The wizard tower? Not for a slim, weak boy like you. Human child!" scolded Gobb.
     Brandon swished his brown hair to the side. This rock was getting offensive!
     "No, Oaka and, well... Oaky told me you could help me," Brandon insisted.
     "Oaka you say," Gobb said, a dreamy look coming across his carved face. "OK, tell me what you need."
      Now, Brandon knew how to convince Gobb. He spotted movement behind him in the forest, so he whispered "I need to go to the wizard tower. How many times do I have to tell you?"
     "I'll see what I can do," replied Gobb.

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