Friday 19 October 2018

Chapter 16
“Those Little Buggers!” The voice cursed. Though the voice was deep, Brandon could tell it was a girl who saved him. He turned around to see a ginormous person, far taller than any girl he’d known.
She looked to be only a few years older than Brandon, but she was the height of an average woman. She was wearing a long, cardigan-like sweater with a ski-style pattern. She also had what appeared to be fur top hiking boots and a menacing spear which had a head that seemed to absorb the fading moonlight.
“Sorry, those are just gorillas,” The girl said, her tanned skin and freckles were visible where shafts of morning light streamed in the cave. She motioned toward the little green creatures who were laying in an exhausted heap in the corner of the cave. “They won’t bother you anymore.”
“Th-thanks…” Brandon said, still flustered. Another tall person, a boy, walked up and stood beside the girl. He held up his wooden rod (sharpened at the tip) to Brandon’s throat. He heard a howl of warning from Hal on the other side of the enclosure.
“Wh-Whoa,” Brandon stammered, tripping over himself as he stumbled backward. “We might be in some sort of misunderstanding…”
The girl just laughed. “Calm down, Kandel, this wee fellow is not going to hurt you.”
“You’re too unwary, Navona,” The boy, Kandel replied. He did not move his spear, he only grimaced in a suspicious manner. When he moved, the wooden beads on his sweater jingled against each other.
“And you are too skeptical of everyone,” Navona said with a tone of authority. Her sweater had many more beads than Kandel’s. She even had delicately carved ones as earrings. “Lower the spear, ally.”
Reluctantly, Kandel brought the spear back down to his side. Brandon rubbed his neck, glad it was still there in one piece. “So wha-wh-... who are you.”
Kandel pursed his lips and mumbled, “So, he’s not just a runt.” Navona nodded at Kandel. “Probably a traveler.” Then, she turned to Brandon. “We’re lourdwarfs. Not from around here are you?”
“Oh,” Brandon said, almost rudely. These are lourdwarfs.
“Hey!” came Hal’s voice, it echoed off the walls of the cave. Brandon turned to see him leaning over the drowsy pile of green creatures. “What are these things. Did I hear you call them Gorillas?”
“Yeah, well, yeah,” Navona replied. “They’re Gorilla Lourdwarfs. They’re a different type, y’know?”
“I’m afraid not,” Hal answered.
“Yeah, sorry,” Brandon added.
“You guys really are new here, aren’t you?” Kandel asked and Navona chuckled.

“Mmhm… you might have to catch us up.”

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