Thursday 24 May 2018

Chapter 2
Brandon was greeted by Jan’s familiar low voice, “Welcome to Magi-Land, the mythical place where many of the magical community are together in harmony.” Looking down to the boy sitting on the ground, he added, “Th-thanks to you… hey Brandon.”
Brandon collapsed backward into the grass, wishing he had finished his test before he touched the coin. “Hey, Jan,” Brandon said, gritting his teeth and trying to sound like he was glad to be back. He noticed Hal standing somewhat creepily behind him. “Hello,” he said, accidentally letting it come out as a snarl.
“Yep,” Hal said coolly.”It’s nice you could get here… or Blair thought it was.” Hal stepped aside, and Blair approached Brandon.
“I’m glad you could come on such short notice,” Blair said.
“Well, it was just perfect timing!” Brandon said sarcastically. He was surprised at himself for being able to make an even slightly rude comment in front of Blair. He almost immediately felt bad.
“Sorry for the inconvenience… we don’t really have a way of knowing what the time is where you come from,” Blair said. Brandon thought he saw a twitch in Blair’s eye. “I… uh, what’s going on then?”
“There’s a very serious problem,” Blair’s eye calmed down a little. “But, I’ll have to start from the beginning.”
“The beginning?” Brandon asked. “Like your book on how it happened?”

“No, Far before that.”

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