Thursday 1 February 2018

Chapter 23
“Gaaaaah!” Annabel yelled, holding her hair in rough hands. Elmi rushed to her. “What’s up?”
Annabel gave her an annoyed glare. “We can’t get a boat ride until after 12:00! We have to stay on this pile of-” “That’s great!” Elmi interrupted.
“Great?” Kaylin, Annabel, and Della screamed. How could staying away from Bear be great?
“Cool your jets, guys,” We should probably enjoy the tourist places here.”
“But-” Annabel started in a little outrage.
“No, this island is known for its tourist attractions and great beaches,” Elmi reasoned. “There won’t be any black magic obsessives here… hopefully. Plus, someone gave me these.” She held up a ticket.
“A family beach trip?”Annabel asked. “I don’t know if we count as a family.” Kaylin gave her a friendly punch. “If we’re not family after all this, then Robin isn’t Batman’s son. Wait… I don’t know. Who’s Batman again?”
Della giggled. “I can’t wait to see Bear, but I really want to relax a bit and we have to be out of this room by 10:00.” “I agree,” said Kaylin.
The four tried to shake the dirt off their clothes, but had nothing to change into. “You smell disgusting, Kaylin,” Elmi remarked. Kaylin stuck out her tongue and rudely said, ”You read my mind!”


The beach Green Stone was moderately crowded. It seemed the most popular beach, with signs and directions to it all over Middletown. Green Stone seemed a good name for the beach covered in mossy rocks. It was more like a gorge than a beach, with a big stretch of water surrounded by trees and rocky hills. The water was an unnerving green, but smooth and cool to the touch.
Four girls splashed around the edge of the shallow gorge. They slipped and pushed each other down the mossy rocks into the calm water. Fish swam in quick patterns around their toes. The Cubs almost forgot about it…
“It’s 11:00, we should get going soon,” Annabel said with a sigh.
“Wait, wait!” Elmi grabbed the hood of Annabel’s sweater. “We should go to Grass cove before we leave.”
“Really?” Della squeaked in excitement. Kaylin nodded and crossed her arms in an impressed way. Grass Cove was known all over Fuzz and Kenol. It was one of the most famous, most beautiful coves in all three of The Fishing Islands. Annabel’s eyes sparkled with the thought.
“You got that with the ticket?” Annabel asked in wonder. Elmi smiled.
“So, the map says there are two routes,” Annabel stared hard at the little map they got at registration. She lifted her glasses and her eyes followed the tiny directions.
“The octopus route looks good,” Elmi murmured, squinting at the map. Annabel shook her head. “I don’t know about that. It says there's a longer wade through the river. I vote the starfish route.”
“What’s so bad about a little extra pool time?” Elmi laughed. Annabel gave her a look that said, I know what I’m doing, take it from me. Elmi gave her an eye-roll.
“I’m with Elmi!” Della said. There was probably no opinion in that statement, but Della always trusted the oldest. Elmi smiled and ruffled her hair.
“It does seem cool to have a mini-swim, but I’ve gotta trust the… the smartest.” Kaylin said with a little mischievous smile.
Elmi’s mouth hung open for a few seconds. “I am taken aback!” Annabel and Della giggled at her while Kaylin stood proudly with her arms crossed. “We’ll try Elmi’s way first, and if that doesn’t work we’ll try my way,” Annabel said. Elmi tightened her lips, and agreed.
The walk was short, well... it would be if Della hadn’t been reading the wrong path on the map. They got mixed up in the twisted trunks of the forest. Eventually, they found the right spot and they were sure of it. A length of river so far the eye could barely see the shore on the other side rushed in front of the four cubs. The raging water slapped rocks and fallen branches with painful force.

Elmi frowned, “It’s either you’ve magically opened my eyes to your idea, or my idea was just very, very bad.”

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