Thursday 31 August 2017

Chapter 3
Elmi woke up. She was lying in an uncomfortable bed frame, being rocked. There was something on her. Elmi opened her eyes and saw Della, curled up on her lap. This was strange… Della, Kaylin, and Annabel all asleep in her room. But, maybe it wasn’t her room. She peeked off the side of the bed frame and all around her was a wide stretch of blue. Suddenly, all of yesterday came back to her, she was on the ocean.
“Annabel! Annabel!” Elmi whisper-yelled to the second oldest cub. Annabel sat up and yawned, her morning smile turned into a frown as she realized where she was.  “Elmi…” Annabel said quietly to her older sister, a desperate look on her face. “What will we do now?” They both sat quietly, thinking.
Della stirred and Elmi smoothed her hair to make her fall back asleep, but it was no use. She was a little light sleeper. What happened? Where are we? Did I miss something? Though Della. She was so disappointed when she looked around. She was just where she was in her ‘nightmare.’
“No, no, no!” Della said, starting to cry. “It’s just a dream…” she whispered. Elmi hugged her. “It’s not a dream, but don’t worry. It’s not that bad.” “Not, that bad?” Della asked.
“Well, there’s a worse place to be!” Elmi said comfortingly. “Like what?” Sniffed Della. “Heh, I would rather not talk about it, but we could have got hurt. We could have been pulled down into the whirlpool. We could have-” She saw Della’s sad face and stopped. Darn, I’m really not helping. Della hugged her tighter, and Elmi hugged Della tighter.
They heard a snort and saw Kaylin sit up. Her hair is normally messy, but her bed-head is worse than you can possibly imagine. “Good morning, Kaylin,” Elmi said calmly.
Kaylin took one look and the ocean and screamed, “GOOD MORNING?
“Yes…” Elmi said, feeling a bit intimidated by her own younger sister.
“How… HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT? WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN- THIS IS NOT A GOOD MORNING!” Kaylin screamed. She looked over at her sisters. “HOW CAN YOU BE SO CALM?”
“How can you be so… not-calm?” Elmi asked. “We could be in a waay worse situation.
“Heh, way worse?” Kaylin said sarcastically. “We are floating in a boat on the ocean and are going to die of hunger and thirst!”
“Do you not know?” Annabel asked. “We-Kenol- are the right most island of the three fishing islands.”
“Yes, but how does that prove anything?” Kaylin asked. Her anger and worry were turning more into sadness.
Wow, she really doesn’t know? Annabel wondered. “Well, we live on the left most side of our island. That means, wherever we’re floating to, it’ll be close to Fuzz. (The middle fishing island) That’ll only take two days at most.”
“But… what if we go off the current?” Kaylin asked.
“That’s impossible. The barrier can only be broken by super strong speed boats,” Annabel said simply. The barrier is a strong current that leads any floating boats to Fuzz. It just so happens that Fuzz is by far the largest island and Kenol is the smallest. Arkk (which is the left most island of the fishing islands) is somewhere in the middle.
“Well, Annabel…” Elmi said quietly. “There is a chance the current will loop us too far and bring us to Arkk.” Annabel shivered, and so did Kaylin.
“How come you guys always act like Arkk is so bad?” Della asked.

“‘Cause it is, Della. It was made from a volcano. It's kinda like Hawaii but way worse. rumor has it, that black magic made the volcano launch up from the ocean,” Elmi responded. “Plus, a lot of the people there are… well, evil.”

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