Thursday 6 April 2017

Chapter 7
It is difficult to say things sometimes, so it is best to just do them. That is what Tria thought Chloe was thinking. She had written all her notes in a disorganized way, and Tria had no idea what she meant. Chloe was so taken over by solving crimes. Whenever Tria opened her mouth to ask a question, Chloe just raised a finger and continued scribbling.
“There!” Chloe said, running her fingers along the circle formed notes on the page. “This doesn’t make sense!” Tria exclaimed before Chloe could stop her. But, it seemed that Chloe was not going to stop her anyways because she had stopped writing. “I always thought that you were neat! But  I don’t blame you. Everyone had a hidden identity that they don’t show the public.”
Thanks for being so understanding,” Chloe said. “But this is neat!” Tria scanned over the work with her eyes. All the letters were neat, and the words were in perfect distance from each other, but anything it said did not make sense.
“Yes, it makes perfect sense!” Chloe said. “You just-”
“No, it doesn’t!” Tria said. “You wrote: then robtber gwortks aqlone! Plus, you wrote: he huas-”
“Wait but-”
“And the words don’t go in order either, they’re written not in straight lines!”
“Seriously Tria, just wait for me to tell you.”
“Okay, Sorry.”
Chloe took a deep breath before she said, “Trust me. I wrote this in code.”
“What code?” Tria asked.
“SHUSHSHSHSHSHSH!” Chloe said I’m going to tell you!”
“Got it, sorry,” Tria said quickly.
“STOP INTERRUPTING ME ARGH!” Chloe said. Tria just nodded her head this time, not bursting out. “Anyway,” Chloe continued. “I’ve written it in a code that goes like this; every third letter,-not including spaces- you add an extra random letter. The third-letter-sequence starts over when you start a new sentence. All the lines are not written in straight lines. They’re written in upwards curves.”
“H-h oh,” Tria said quickly. “But, why did you write it in a secret code if it takes us so long to write, and decipher?” “It’s so that no one else knows…” Chloe said slowly.
“Why can’t anyone know?” Tria asked. “Because I don’t think we’re supposed to this. Some people can get arrested for messing with police stuff.” That was a rule in Brickwood. You can’t do the police’s job unless you’re the police.
Tria was stunned that Chloe of all people was doing something kind of illegal. “This sounds very dangerous,” Tria said. Chloe tried to laugh. Maybe she thought it was a good moment, but it came out more as a sound that a monkey would make. “They changed that rule two years ago,” Chloe said. “But not by much. People still don’t dare do it. You only don’t go to jail if you get it right.”
“So, if we're doing this, we have to get it right?” Tria asked.

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