Thursday 19 January 2017

The Coffee Shop On The Corner
It was September 21st and 12-year-old Tria was walking home with her friend Chloe after school. They were street neighbours so they could easily walk to each other's houses.
“So, uh Chloe?” Tria asked.
“Well, I was wondering if you also thought we look like sisters,” Tria said. “Because everyone thinks we do…”
“I guess, kind of,” Chloe replied. They both had very straight, dirty blond hair that were both around the height of their shoulders. They had a big difference in the face though. They also wore different style clothing. They were best friends and sometimes they would walk in the same strides.
“I’m kind of in a hurry,” Chloe said. “Can we cut through this alley?”
“Sure!” Tria said. “I might want to stop off at the coffee shop on the corner. I’ve never been there.” So, Chloe passed by and then ran to her house. Tria stayed there, lurking around for a few minutes before entering the cafe. It had green peeling paint on the wood, and old fashioned, dirty windows. A big brown sign on it read All3yway and the light in front of the door was flickering. Was it a good idea to go here instead of following Chloe?
Well, it was too late to think it over too much. Tria stepped in, a little windchime was on the door so it tinkled when she entered. Most of the faces looked up to her. They were mostly old men, men with poorly shaved beards, and women with big, long brimmed hats that covered their eyes. Tria stepped up to the counter and looked at the menu. It was a piece of wood hanging by metal chains, but the words carved in it, were not very readable.
“Could I get a hot chocolate?” Tria asked.
The man behind the counter had a brown cap on and was chewing on some yellow-tinted gum. “Hot chocolate?” He laughed. “Hot chocolate? We don’t have that, can you read the menu?”
“N-no sir,” Tria stuttered. “The words aren’t very readable.” There was a soft laughter through the cafe, which was more like a bar.
“Well, then,” the man said. “Hi, welcome to our cafe/bar. I’m Tepo. He,” Tepo said, pointing to a young man with a gigantic brown mustache. “Is the owner, Denn.”
Denn nodded. Does Tepo greet every single customer like this? Maybe they just don’t get many customers. A couple left. “Bye Kara and Garry!” Denn called after them. Well, he knows the name of his customers.
“I’m-u Tria,” Tria said, managing a smile and shaking Tepo’s rough hand.
“What will you be having today?” he asked.

“I better get going actually!” Tria said, quickly. She left and went home. It was just in time. Her mom walked in the door a few minutes after her.


  1. Does anyone know what colour Tria and Cloe's eyes are?

  2. first chapter, already want to read more! ;)


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